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Jennifer Connelly is Spider Woman

Bardot body con dress
$105 –

Yellow heels

Long yellow glove

Film frame

Jennifer Connelly


Spider-Woman #20

Halloween Spider Web Icon


Lexi Spiderwoman by Kensington Roth
A black widow’s venom transforms a mild-mannered secretary, Alex Fine, into a dynamic force with super-spidy powers infiltrating a cyber-
predator ring as spiderwoman. Set in modern-day San Francisco she battles criminals with her powers unknown to the public, yet she is hailed as a good Samaritan, a crime-fighting superheroine. Lexi takes charge  with unparalleled powers and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

An Internet chat room probe by police and FBI exposes a target list of teenage girls. Their cyber-predator investigation reveals high ranking individuals posing as male teenagers stalking young, innocent girls. When Alex discovers that her daughter has been recruited she goes on the hunt as LEXI SPIDERWOMAN.

Under the cover of darkness Lexi unleashes her powers to feed her hunger for unsuspecting prey on a rampage of vengeance. The thugs are viciously hunted down and bear her wrath, as she weaves her prey into a deadly web. Caught in their lies and deception the villains fear Spiderwoman’s retribution, as she unravels the clues in seeking revenge for her daughter.

Alex your ordinary secretary by day,

Lexi on a rampage of vengeance by night 


Lexi Spiderwoman is the story of Alex Fine an ordinary secretary by day who receives habitual love bites from her pet black widow setting off a DNA metamorphosis which transforms her into a dynamic force with super-spidy powers infiltrating a cyber-predator ring as Lexi on a rampage of vengeance by night.