Lexi’s Black Widow Tattoo Contest


Black Widow tattoos are the new thing. Some people put then on their shoulder, arm, or places we can’t mention. Now males and females are following Lexi, as she exposes her Widow-tat when she’s out on the prowl at night in her latex spidysuit. The Black Widow symbolizes their aggression to bite, immobilize, and dominate their prey for any variety of dastardly deeds, especially the Black Widow.

Tell the author WHICH CHARACTER(S) discover her eight-legged mascot. The first twenty contestants who get the right answer and emails a jpeg photo of their new, colorful spidy-tat in the same place as Lexi, the publisher will judge the best tattoo and win first prize. We also need a photo of your wacky face to go with your tat to publish them here on the site.

Contestants must show proof of ebook purchase from Smashwords or Amazon on the home page. Send us your name and email address in the comments box below so our staff can contact you for the answer. DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BOX BELOW!

The female Black Widow eats her mate after they do it. How ferocious is that???

Where does Lexi keep her widow???


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