Lexi Spiderwoman by Kensington Roth
A black widow’s venom transforms a mild-mannered secretary, Alex Fine, into a dynamic force with super-spidy powers infiltrating a cyber-
predator ring as spiderwoman. Set in modern-day San Francisco she battles criminals with her powers unknown to the public, yet she is hailed as a good Samaritan, a crime-fighting superheroine. Lexi takes charge  with unparalleled powers and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

An Internet chat room probe by police and FBI exposes a target list of teenage girls. Their cyber-predator investigation reveals high ranking individuals posing as male teenagers stalking young, innocent girls. When Alex discovers that her daughter has been recruited she goes on the hunt as LEXI SPIDERWOMAN.

Under the cover of darkness Lexi unleashes her powers to feed her hunger for unsuspecting prey on a rampage of vengeance. The thugs are viciously hunted down and bear her wrath, as she weaves her prey into a deadly web. Caught in their lies and deception the villains fear Spiderwoman’s retribution, as she unravels the clues in seeking revenge for her daughter.

Alex your ordinary secretary by day,

Lexi on a rampage of vengeance by night 


Lexi Spiderwoman is the story of Alex Fine an ordinary secretary by day who receives habitual love bites from her pet black widow setting off a DNA metamorphosis which transforms her into a dynamic force with super-spidy powers infiltrating a cyber-predator ring as Lexi on a rampage of vengeance by night.


  1. Monica Denton says:

    I have a spidy tat guarding my navel. It’s awesome and very sexy!! It’s mostly black to match my nest. I love the way the bitch widow eats her mate after they do it. I admit I get a little turned on thinking about it.

  2. Jill Rainy Bennett says:

    Jill Rainy BennettLexi is fantastic and sexy hot in her own way. The book was great. She kicks ass and doesn’t take any shit. She’s the classical GF. This would make a great video game no doubt! Love comic characters and yes I’ll get my spidy tat in the same place Lexi has hers.

  3. Betty Gelean says:

    A bizarre and fascinating fantasy, it kept me wondering what would be the next surprise. Kensington Roth has a writing style all his own. A slow start that had me wondering what the point was, soon became clear it was setting the stage. Kensington’s writing in this stage reads much like a screenplay in the way it describes thoughts, his character’s perceptions and the perceptions her colleagues have of Alexandra Fine. For instance, you can quickly tell that Alex has been at the receiving end of bullying in the past, and a form of it in the present. Though smart and beautiful, she has low self-esteem. The importance of this as to her character becomes a pivotal point when the story really gets rolling. Scene settings are also written in the same descriptive yet abrupt sentences. Once set, the flow changes into story-telling mode.

    Keeping a black widow spider as a pet may seem ludicrous to some people, but then some people keep poisonous snakes for pets. No one can doubt that Lexi has found a pastime that she enjoys, feeding her pet with insects and watching in fascination how the spider reacts, even to the point of the spider learning tricks such as pushing one insect aside for Lexi to give to her personally at which time the spider gives her a little “love nip.” This little game is quite important to the story as it goes along.

    Lexi works as executive secretary for the president at an oil trading company, an influential and coveted job that includes assisting at house parties and even hobnobbing with the rich and famous occasionally. She is also the single mother of a teenage daughter, Lindsey, who is absorbed with chat rooms on the internet, much to the consternation and worry of her mother. When she falls prey to one of the cyber-predators and disappears, Lexi understandably becomes distraught, and perhaps this trauma also acts as a trigger to the changes in her character. Whatever she has connected to with Ophelia, the black widow spider with her beautiful red hourglass marking, comes even more to the fore. The black widow spider is notably sexy and draws every male widow to her. So, when Lexi suddenly shows her sexiness, we begin go notice why the details of the spider are important. She also begins to be amazingly strong and develops into a superwoman. The changes in the character are exciting and fun and progress throughout the book.

    I have no intentions of ruining the plot for prospective readers, so I will leave these hints and suggest reading the book. What has happened to Lindsey? Is she still alive? Will they find her in time? Who could have taken her? There are several twists and turns, and surprising suspects. The antics of Ophelia and the tragicomic storyline make this a stand-out plot, especially with the timely subject of cyber-crime, a terrible crime against young people that needs to be brought out such as the author has done with this entertaining book. I am happy to give it a good review because the potential for a future featuring this comic but human superhero is fantastic. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

    Reviewed by Author Betty Gelean

  4. Fran Lewis says:


    Alex is a mild mannered, unassuming woman who dislikes crowds, confrontations, and is definitely insecure in many ways. At her job she is often harassed and abused by coworkers, her boss, and even her best friend. At home she hovers over her seventeen-year-old daughter who is her whole world. But, a strange incident in her backyard would change her dull and mundane life forever. Imagine finding a widow spider in your backyard. What could be unusual about that, and what trouble can that cause? Well, Ophelia the spider has a mind of her own. She’ll do anything, including biting Alex if disturbed when eating and protecting her food supply.

    Alex is commanded to assist and attend a party given by her lecherous boss. Office gossip and politics play a part in her life, and although appearances are definitely deceiving everyone thinks she’s the boss’s pet or girlfriend. Roger Gates is anything but honorable, and while attending the party he meets the other side of Alex. Someone observes her lifting a couch that would take more than four men to move. Then she deals with a rowdy and rude coworker at lunch, and our mild-mannered Alex takes on a whole new light not only in her office but within herself too. Not realizing that somehow the spider’s bites played a part in her superhuman strength, enhanced eyesight, and newfound confidence she continues home from work one day but not before purchasing some wild and risque garments.

    Was she turning into a hot, fun, and attractive Lexi spiderwoman who men would fall all over and want? Was she becoming carefree and wild maintaining a sophisticated persona? A luncheon proves to be anything but usual for her, as one coworker Josh gets what he deserves. Imagine being able to create your own spider web using your own hands, cast the web across a room, and snare it between the legs of a waitress. The rest you’ll have to read because you won’t believe the end result, as Alex takes on a whole other personality. Events take a really wild turn, as she foils a bank robbery, saves a young girl from a predator in the mall, and finds herself the object of a misunderstanding in a home improvement store. What is causing her to become a superwoman she has not figured out. With the ability to take criminals down, Alex needs to find a way to live two lives and maintain some resemblance of her own. But, there is much more, as the news brings to light a very important issue of Internet predators. There are men who pretend to be teenagers luring innocent and unsuspecting girls into their sexual traps. Does her daughter Lindsey fall prey when she realizes whom she is chatting with on her computer?

    As Alex becomes more embroiled in her new role, she becomes involved with a man Rick from work. Her daughter is too involved in the net and life takes many new twists and turns for our understated Alex. Even her best friend Jill notices a huge difference in her appearance and her manner. Will anyone realize that she is the superwoman who foiled the bank robbery and other incidents? Then, the unthinkable happens and everything is about to change, as Lindsey her daughter is supposed to meet her for an evening out and does not turn up. Newscasts about Internet predators become the main stories throughout the day. The mayor’s rally is disrupted by a shooting. Trying to focus on what happened to her daughter and hopefully bringing it to light during the rally never quite gets off the ground as expected. Hundreds of people came out to support her cause to help find Lindsey. Sam Bennett took the podium to make his speech when shots rang out and pandemonium ensued. But, when the paramedics try to help Alex, thinking she was injured in some way by the shooter, they are surprised at what they don’t find.
    Anyone that crosses her learns the true meaning of her wrath, as she comes face to face with her cyber- stalkers. What happens will unnerve any predator, as she tries to find her missing daughter. Her next stop is to find out who else is behind the kidnapping, and she comes face to face with someone she refers to as the sketchman. How she creates his final fate you will not learn from me. Where he winds up and why he might have been involved with the kidnapper will frighten any parent.

    The ending will make any predator think twice before stalking young girls on the net. A fast paced novel that kept me on the printed page from start to finish in one afternoon. A powerful character named Alex and one great spider named Ophelia might be back again for more adventures in the sequel. A best friend learns the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal from one woman who takes no prisoners. Will she find Lindsey in time to save her? Will she lose her spider powers or will Lexi Spiderwoman be the world’s new superheroine? Will anyone realize who she is, and will the media find out? Read this novel and find out the answers for yourself. From the bestselling author of Spies Among Us Kensington Roth once again pens a unique novel filled with the unexpected twists and turns keeping the reader ensnared in a silk web so tightly woven until they read the last sentence of the novel. Let’s hope that our black widow Ophelia provides a constant flow of venom to keep our new superhero in her latex suit with spidy powers.

    Review by Fran Lewis
    Author of My Name is Bertha and Bertha Speaks Out

  5. Zoey Voss says:

    Zoey VossJLo the spiderwoman chic is awesome in the catsuit. She knows how to move around and make people watch her body very closely. She’s a true performer. And now I see Paris Hilton has followed JLo with her spider web dress. I read the book and it was a real sexy thriller with non stop action. I read they’re going make a movie from it. That I can’t wait to see!
    Here’s my spider, well not really a dress but it works.

  6. faybitesindeed says:

    I keep my widow just above my flower box. I luve it. It’s colorful with hairy legs. It looks like it just crawled out of my red bushy hackle. She bites. My girlfriend seems to like it a little too much though. I got it to turn my real boyfriend John on which works well I might add. I’m going to send a photo to the spider tat contest. I’m sure to win!

  7. Tanya Capinga says:

    Spiderman and Jessica Drew move over and Marvel sit up and pay attention. This book was done right in portraying a woman superhero by far. I was drawn into how Lexi is this calm secretary by day and by night she’s this other woman who gets the bad guys and also gets even when somebody messes with her in the worst way. I hope it becomes a best seller so they make it into a movie. It is so much better than the recent superhero movies that have been out.

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